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The Team

Our Team

Our team are the heart of what we do. Here at Mersey Medical we recognise the importance of a Multidisciplinary team and we evidence this from the top of our company. 


Our leadership team have been with us from day one and their passion is evident.


The team have a vast background and are able to support our front line medical teams 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year in order to ensure that your event, transfer or production receives the best possible care should an incident occur. 


Mersey Medical Services Ltd was established to do it right, or not at all. Our directors recognised there was a number of medical providers across the country that provided a sub-standard service and had the potential to put people at risk.


Having worked in the healthcare sector in both hospital and pre-hospital, our directors and wider leadership team have all derived from various multidisciplinary backgrounds and wanted to make a change and improve the industry through rigorous governance, procedures and clinical care.  


Our leadership team is built up of Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and Ambulance Technicians which allows a vast array of skills funnelled into Mersey Medical Services Ltd, improving the support our team receive whilst improving the passion the team have for our clients, service users and patients.  


Our entire team are essential to what we do, and each and everyone of them are critical to our future.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our company vision is clear to our team which is to provide the right care, to the right patient at the right time using the correct equipment, correctly trained staff and correct vehicles.


Our mission can be seen through our team as we ensure that every patient matters.


Our teams clinical and operational innovation ensure we are market leader and allow our passionate team to do their role in the most effective and efficient manner. No matter on the patients condition, injury or location we aim to provide excellence in patient care and exceeds the expectation of published National Minimum Standards, Best Practice Guidelines and Current Legislation.

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