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What if your lead camera operator falls, the chief grip injured or main actor not feeling great? 


Mersey Medical Services have a specialised sector dedicated to providing experienced medical staff to TV, Films, Commercials, Documentaries, Music Videos and Soaps, providing support to the smallest of shoots to the largest organisations both in the studio and on locations reaching as far as South Africa. 


We can provide anything from a few hours cover with an EMR (Emergency Medical Responder)  to a fully equipped 24/7 medical centre with around the clock multi-disciplinary cover and the capability to provide anything from minor treatment and advice, COVID testing, ALS provision to prescription medication consultation and delivery.  


By using on-set medics, it reduces the delay in accessing local medical services, which is time you wouldn't otherwise get back.   


As well as face to face on set medical cover we can also offer telephone consultations with either our doctors or prescribing clinicians for clients who may not have the provision from ourselves on site, this then allows our team the possibility of being able to send someone to then conduct a physical review if required or be able provide a prescription to the nearest pharmacy to the patient if medication is needed. There is no job too big! 


With our team, you know you are getting experienced medical staff, but our team also understands your demands, assisting and adapting where necessary.


We offer tailored quotes specific to the needs of your set as no two sets are the same, you can guarantee we will never recommend items that are not necessary even if financially it is better to ourselves. We look at the risks, demographics and provision demands of the area to best provide a service that will ensure you feel safe and cared for. With our teams you know even when working away from home that you are in safe hands. 


“We're so impressed, you can turn out a second fully equipped ambulance for 9 days, faster than the local NHS Ambulance Trust can send one to an emergency call.” 


Additional to onsite medical provision we also offer consultancy support. With over 15 years working on various shows that have varied from being: pre-recorded or live, a few hours or 24/7 for a few months, having 4 crew members to 250.


We know that we have experience that is invaluable in making a show that is not only safe for all involved but is also supportive of the crew and talent welfare and such can offer a consultancy role to those productions that may already have existing relationships with providers and we work in partnership.


Or it is ideal for remote locations where productions wish to use local crew but want the reassurance of having a UK medic as well to help oversee the provision. This service ensures that even in the most remote of locations the crew are still getting the best practice medicine in line with UK NICE and NHS guidance.   


Our production medics have provided medical cover for major productions both in UK studios and on setS worldwide.


Our show cover includes but is not exclusive to: 

The Voice, The Voice Kids,  Ninja Warrior, Love Island (Majorca),  Love Island Winter (South Africa), I'm a Celebrity (Wales), Dancing on Ice, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Romance Retreat, Chief Studios, Mad Cow Productions, Production factory, Dock 10, BBC Children in Need, Sports Personality of the year, British Soap Awards, Ridley Rd S1,Eurovision 2023 VT's.

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